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Daycare Negligence

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Perhaps the only thing worse than being a victim of another’s negligence that injures yourself is having it happen to a child; in particular your child. Unfortunately, daycare negligence and its horrific consequences are a fact and it is vital that you get the assistance of a qualified attorney to assist you in the pursuit of justice for your injured child. The trust placed with the personnel at the daycare to be responsible for your child is paramount and should never be violated. Mr. Carter has successfully handled numerous daycare negligence and wantonness claims successfully recovering hundreds of thousands of dollars for injured children that he has represented throughout the State of Alabama.

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Protect Your Children from Daycare Negligence Injuries

Common child care accidents are head injuries, neck or spine injuries, injuries to arms or legs that result from falls from playground equipment or from inappropriate equipment at the facilities themselves. Most often, any child care injuries can be avoided with simple care by qualified staff; however lack of adequate supervision and unsafe play environment for the children leads to the injuries. Check to make sure the daycare you take your child to has plenty of staff in ratio to the number of children necessary to properly care for the children who are there. Also make sure that toys and play equipment are age-appropriate and well maintained. If you see a dangerous situation, don’t let it pass bring it to the attention of the management for immediate correction.

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