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Industrial Workplace Accidents

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Industrial work is a dangerous job, but it injuries are not a part of the job. When there is an injury or a death that results from an industrial site accident the site owner or the industrial workplace contractor can be held liable for that death or injuries. If you or a family member have been a victim of a construction site accident an attorney can help you get the monetary compensation that your family deserves.

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Industrial workers are exposed to extreme elements, heights, and heavy equipment. Roughly one thousand construction workers will die in a construction site accidents. Around three hundred of these deaths will be the result of falls at the industrial work site.

The most common industrial accidents are: Welding accidents, crane accidents, scaffolding accidents, falls, chemical accidents, equipment malfunction and electrocution. Most of these accidents can be prevented with proper measures, but with the busy atmosphere of an industrial workplace, job safety often becomes less important than getting the job completed on time.

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