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Slips and falls can happen at any time, anywhere, at any moment. They can be minor, however depending on the environment, these slips and falls can be devastating. For strong representation from a lawyer dedicated to maximizing your benefits, call Maxwell D. Carter – Attorney & Counselor at Law now. There is no obligation to hire, and we collect no fees unless we make a recovery or settlement on your behalf.

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Stairs, for example, often become worn with everyday use. Stair edges can easily become rounded, which can cause people to slip or fall by stepping on them. A property owner is liable for a slip and fall injury occurring on stairs if the property owner was aware of the condition of the stairs where the accident took place. If the owner had actual notice or should have been aware of the conditions, they can be liable for ones injury. A slip and fall injury can cause a number of injuries depending on the fall. Some injuries can require ongoing medical and doctoral treatment for the injured, resulting in thousands of dollars in medical fees. Injuries such as bruises, broken bones, brain injury, or even death are all possible.

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