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Uninsured Motorist

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Distracted driving, road rage, texting while driving, impaired driving and driving an unsafe vehicle are among the top factors contributing to auto accidents. This makes driving without insurance a risk that always results in harsh penalties for the motorist and those nearby. At the law offices of Maxwell D. Carter, we understand this threat and the results of accidents involving uninsured motorists. Our lawyers are dedicated to maximizing your benefits and getting the representation you need for your auto accident case involving an uninsured motorist.

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The more population growth there is, the more crowded our streets become. Regardless of the training, skills, or defensive driving one has, there will always be unforeseen accidents. Proper insurance protects the motorist from dangers and liabilities resulting from any sort of accident. An uninsured motorist poses a threat to himself and those around him by not having a structure in place to care for any potential damages or accidents.

Forgoing insurance will cost more for the motorist in the event of an accident and will hold him more liable than if he purchased proper insurance. Medical bills, missing work, mental stress, injuries and other repercussions of an automobile accident will sit upon the sole motorist instead of the motorist and their insurance.

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