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Contract Disputes

When a disagreement becomes a dispute, you face one of three outcomes: win. lose, or resolve by either negotiated compromise or third party judgment. For third party judgment, one or both parties may look to the courts.

If you wait until the other party files a legal action, you may put yourself at a disadvantage. As the “aggrieved party” the plaintiff is the first to present their side of the story to the court. The plaintiff chooses the initial issues that are raised. The defendant then presents his side of the story and responds to the specifics of the Plaintiff’s complaint. Only then can the Defendant raise any additional issues, or counterclaims, which often take second priority to the initial claim. As a rule of thumb, if the other party has an attorney, you should consult an attorney.

The other party doesn’t have an attorney.

You may still be able to informally resolve the dispute outside the legal system. Having an attorney on your side, though, lets the other party know you’re serious–and suggests that you are prepared to take the matter to court if it isn’t resolved to your satisfaction.

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