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Teen Driving Laws Are Necessary

Ask any Birmingham injury attorney about teen drivers, and they will tell you that teen driving laws are necessary to protect new teen drivers and everyone else. Teen drivers lack road experience and are often unfamiliar with how weather and other factors can affect their driving skills. Teens also lead the way statistically for getting into accidents when they are distracted drivers. Cell phone use, changing out CDs, texting and small computers are a big part of this problem.

Statistics compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reveal that teen drivers are involved in fatal accidents far more often than are older drivers. Distracted driving by teens is a one primary cause of teen driver accidents. In Alabama, teens can get a learner’s permit to drive at age 15. This first license is a restricted one. The law in this state requires that a person over age 21 who is has a valid license must sit in the seat next to this youngster to supervise their driving experience. Even at age 16, the restrictions continue for at least 6 months. After successfully passing a road test, the youthful driver can then get a regular license to drive. Teens aged 14 and 15 can also obtain a restricted license to operate a small motor driven cycle.

Teens are fascinated with new technology and being in touch with their friends all the time. They are rarely without their communication devices. This is part of the problem that creates distracted driving and accidental crashes that follow this inattention. A few seconds of reading a text message can cause a disastrous accident. Inexperience, speed, substance abuse and lack of attention are a bad combination for any teen driver. A Birmingham injury lawyer will readily tell you that these facts support the need for special teen driving laws. The goal of these laws is to help younger drivers learn how to drive safely for the rest of their lives.

If you have been injured in an accident where a teen driver was involved, contact your Birmingham injury attorney immediately. Protect your rights to receive compensation for your personal injuries, expenses and damage claims. Get a free case consultation to determine your rights under Alabama law; there is no obligation.