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What Happens If My Traffic Violation Caused An Accident?

There are thousands of traffic accidents in Alabama each year. In fact, most years see roughly 120,000 accidents on average. Many of those accidents cause serious personal injury for the people involved. If you committed a traffic violation that caused an accident, you might have some legal trouble as a result of the incident. When a situation like this arises, you will need to enlist the help of a good Birmingham injury attorney. A good attorney can help you work through the possible consequences of your violation.

Civil consequences
The primary reason why you might need a Birmingham injury lawyer has to do with the civil consequences. When an accident takes place and an injury occurs, the injured party has the right to recover for medical costs, pain and other damages. They can file a lawsuit against you, claiming that you caused their injuries in the accident. If you were given a citation for the accident, there is a good chance that you were at fault. This is why you will need to contact a good attorney from the very beginning.

How does my violation prove fault?
The violation will not necessarily prove your fault in a civil proceeding. It will likely be used as evidence against you. The other attorney will typically try to assert that the violation is prima facie evidence of fault. This can be rebutted by your attorney. You should know, however, that a violation is very strong evidence in cases like these. You might be forced into a major legal fight to defend yourself. A strong attorney can craft arguments and work on your behalf throughout the case.

It is important to understand that not all accidents cause an injury. One of the primary things that the other party will have to show is that they suffered an injury. That person will also have to show that they were not at fault. The other party might have also done something illegal to help bring about the accident. A good Birmingham injury lawyer can ensure that your legal rights are protected through the entire proceeding.